I heard a ridiculous statistic today – apparently, only 1 in 40 (if my math is correct, that’s 2.5%) of journalism degree students end up finding work in that field. Now, I don’t know where that stat came from, so host accurate itvis, I’m nog 100% sure! but if there is any truth in it, that’s shocking. And to be honest, I find it pathetic.

Throughout the years, especially since 2008 when the Global Financial Crisis hit, numerous Uni graduates couldn’t find work. I’m talking about people with MORE THAN ONE Bachelor degree and even a Masters and still find it almost impossible to find work.

I find something really wrong with this. Are too many people being accepted into Uni? Dare I say it, should Universities be more selective in who they allow to enrol? Should there be a tighter cap on how many students that they’ll enrol at the one time?

it’s not just graduates of the Arts/ Communications degrees that can’t find work either. Recently, I heard on the news ( I think it might’ve been Albury Prime News… or was it Melbourne?), primary teaching graduates were also finding it hard to find work. Isn’t that one of the professions that are always in demand?

Another thing: are university students receiving the right amount of Work Placement/ Experience that are relevant to their courses? It just seems ridiculous to me that this could

One more point. When I was in high school, TAFE, apprenticeships, etc were given equal amount of respect to Universities. It wasn’t considered a ‘slackers’ way out (trust me, TAFE’s a lot of work, even at a Certificate II or III level. Diplomas are highly demanding. It’s quite a workload). But are enough high school students being told about it as a viable option

For those in Australia, have you been to Uni, but find it hard to get work? What was your school’s attitudes about TAFE?

For those from other countries, what has it been like where you’re from? How hard is it for university graduates to find work? What do you think can be done to better ensure that graduates do find work?