Women’s blog, “The Hoopla” has closed down. The website, which was founded by Wendy Harmer, had reasonable traffic, but put the decision to close to not being able to sustain the business. Both Harmer and publisher Jane Waterhouse said that the female – centred blog market was too crowded.

Daily Telegraph bloggers, Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair, have taken a more cynical approach, condemning the ABC for being to big and crowding out competition and other opinions, which, when I think about it, doesn’t make sense since the ABC is government funded and doesn’t rely on advertising. So they, and the SBS would be in a different market, wouldn’t they? Just a thought. Anyone know; if the ABC is government funded, do they still have an effect on commercial or private media outlets?

Does the collapse of the website just mean that the women – centred/ feminist blog market is crowded and fiercely competitive both here and internationally? Hoopla was launched in 2011; four years after former Cosmo Editor, Mia Freedman launched Mamamia, plus you have Jezebel from the US, would also be a competitor because the Internet is also an international sphere.

Where does that leave aspiring bloggers like myself? All I can think of is original content, being aware of competitors and keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best. My main hope is that there remains the chance for aspiring writers, journalists and bloggers to be able to make a career out of what they love doing.

For those in Australia, what do you think about the state of Australian media? What do you think the future will hold?