Kim Kardashian has released a new book! Move over J.K Rowling, Kathy Reichs and Harper Lee? Er, not quite. This book is not a literary work. It’s a book of selfies. Yes, you read that right. A book of about 300 selfies of Kim K. Anything wrong with that? Not really. If she wants to make the book (well, she’d already has), and people are desperate to buy it, I guess, go nuts! For me, it does raise a question,  where has hard work and talent gone in entertainment?

This isn’t just to do with the Kardashians. Remember Australian then teenager Corey Worthington? Back in 2008, he threw a house party and posted the event on Facebook, only to have hundreds of revellers turn up. Now, yes, he’s grown a lot since then, and has gotten engaged and settled doepwn. But for a few short months, it was like he was a legend… for some anyway.

Even earlier than that, remember Paris Hilton? She was (well, I’m guessing she still is), the heiress to the multinational Hilton Hotel empire. For a while, she (and to a lesser extent, her sister Nicky), were cultural icons of the 21st century… all because their last name!


C’mon! Where’s the ‘sisters doin’ it for themselves’? Where are the people who do the hard yards before they make it big? I have a lot of respect for artists who have really done the hard yards to get to where they ended up. I’m not a thrash metal fan, but I take my hat of to the guys, who in tge early to mid eighties, out blood, sweat and tears into what they were doing before they got a record deal, and even more to get a major one.

My favourite singer Suzi Quatro went through a similar thing. She worked in the UK for two years, with a whole loot of tears and trip ups until her first successful album came out in 1973. She now believes that the reality TV phenomena has taken away from the entertainment industry.


We could go full circle. In ten years, maybe we will. I’d love for it when talent and hard work take centre stage again (no pun intended).