Today on Channel Ten’s ‘Studio 10’, they did a segment discussing youth suicide; highlighting that up to five young people a week take their own lives. They briefly touched on risk factors, personal stories of those who’ve been personally touched by suicide, professional opinion, warning signs and how to encourage someone to get help.

So, they did touch on a fair bit in five minutes, I must say, bi put it wasn’t near yo enough, in my opinion. Why not dedicate the whole episode to the issue, or at least half an hour? Jono can wait a bit longer to have yet another infomercial aired can’t he?

here’s what I think should’ve been discussed in depth:

  • Role of bullying, particularly cyber – bullying. Why not discuss laws, who to turn to, how to report and block as well as issues that were raised?
  • What about suicide in Aborupiginal and Torres Strait Islander communities?
  • What about suicide issues in the LGBT+?
  • how about the role of unemployment?
  • What about the role of drug  and alcohol?

So many issues! And i know I’ve only scratched the surface! If five young people are taking their own lives, shouldn’t we be having a much longer conversation?

i do want to commend Sydney’s Daily Telegraph staff for having a campaign in their Sunday paper. Kudos to them.