The same – sex marriage debate in Australia has been raging since Ireland had a referendum that saw same – sex marriage being written into Ireland’s Constitution. In Australia, if a vote went to the people, it’d be a plebiscite, rather than a referendum. Andrew Bolt has been calling for a plebiscite, and, surprisingly, I agree with him, even though Australia hasn’t had one since 1917.

Why do I feel that way?

Because, I think it’s only fair that everyone has a say on  this issue, since many people feel so strongly about it on both sides. It may prevent people feeling like they haven’t been heard. Unfortunately, apparently, plebiscites are not legally binding like a referendum. So, if there was one, and then Coalition lost the next election…then, I guess it’ll add up to nothing. The Marriage Act isn’t tied into the Constitution, so a referendum won’t work.

If it did go to a public vote, I doubt that it’ll be 70/ 30, with ‘Yes’ votes being the former. Frankly,  from what I keep reading on other blogs, I think Australia is a lot more conservative than what’s portrayed in the media. Just a feeling.

My prediction: if it was to come to some sort of public vote, I think the result would be close to 50/50, or even a slight majority voting ‘No’. I think most ‘polls’are very skewed.

Then em after all that, we can get on with things *fingers crossed*.