I was outraged last night when I heard on “The Project” about the double standards of Facebook in regarding to online abuse. Clementine Ford’s Facebook account was deleted when she posted abusive messages that she’d recieved by schoolboys on her Wall. She’d orignally reported the abusive messages, but was ignored.

What the hell?! I’m sorry, but this is beyond ridiculous.

This isn’t the first time that Facebook has faced controversy over censorship and what they permit to be published. In the past, Facebook has been heavily criticised for censoring and banning pictures of new mothers breastfeeding. After public outcry, updated it’s policy to allow photos of breastfeeding  and promised to look into it’s other policies.

Going back to Ford, why permit it in the first place? Was the message not originally banned because the students were under – age? And was Ford’s account closed because she’s an adult? Or is it something else?

ALL abuse on social media should be condemned. Social media platoforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc need to be adamant in condemning abuse and act swiftly. Otherwise, what does it tell the young people who use these sites (the minimum age for a Facebook account is 13, but of course, children younger than that have been on)? That misogynistic abuse is OK? That it’s OK to threaten to rape someone, even if it’s a sick “joke”?


I’ve had enough hearing about these issues and double standards. Those wo work at Facebook need to pull their heads in, develop a social conscience and start operating to community expectations. I thought social networking was for people to share and connect with friends, family and people with similar interests, not to be threatened with rape, harrased, or have such vile abuse glorified without any consequences on the site (it should be noted that the boys I talked about who attacked Ford were suspended from school).