The Supreme Court of the US has made the ruling that allowing gay, lesbian and other people are allowed to get married. It’s deemed a constitutional right. People often try to predict the aftermath of such legislation; slippery slope argument, etc. one thing I’m certain will happen:

People are going to butt heads.

Especially Christians vs secular society

Conservatives vs Liberals.

Some values are going to be challenged:

Religious freedom vs anti – discrimination

Freedom of conscience and free speech vs anti – discrimination

How and what school students in both public and private schools will be taught. An American primary school teacher was recently sacked after he read a fairy tale of third graders about two kings in a same – sex relationship. Will this be more common if/ when same – sex marriage is legalised (the exposure of such fairytales I’m talking about).

I don’t buy into the ‘sky is falling’ attitude that some people have. However, I’m come to believe that the introduction of same – sex marriage does bring a number of challenges and questions to the people. I’ve come to think, to put if bluntly, there are ‘winners and losers’, as there is when same – sex marriage isn’t permitted.

My hope is that, regardless of what’s ahead in the US or even here when/ if same – sex marriage is legalised here, I hope that respect can prevail, regardless of people’s stance on the topic.