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Irish pop singer, Sinead O’Connor came out on Facebook, condemning Rolling Stone for it’s latest cover of their magazine featuring reality TV celebrity, Kim Kardashian. (“Sinead’s Fury at Kim’s Cover HS, Thursday 16 July, 2015). She wrote:

Music has officiallly died. Bob Dylan must be f***ing horrified!

This isn’t the first time that Rolling Stone magazine has come under fire. Last year, Rolling Stone retracted a story by “Jackie” who alleged to be raped whilst she was a student at the University of Virginia back in 2012. The story turned out not to be true. Reporters at America’s Rolling Stone were left red – faced because they didn’t investigate the story properly.

Seriously, what’s going on? I have only bought one or two issues of Rolling Stone, but I always wanted to buy more, but now I’m glad that I don’t bother. Sounds like junk journalism and it isn’t about what it was originally for… music. Where is the music? Where are all the legends, the interviews, etc? Why resort mainly to under researched stories and provocative covers. Get a grip Rolling Stone!!! Then again, is this just a symptom of the media in general? Everyone is after the sales, the click bait, with integrity been thrown on the back – burner.

What do current journalism students, and potential journalists have to look forward to? Cheap shots? Sensationalism? Mere click bait (for on-line content? Give me a break!

Memo to Rolling Stone: get your head out of the gutter and go back to your roots – paying homage to great musicians. Leave the cheap – shots for TMZ.