Disgraced “health guru” and blogger Belle Gibson’s mother Natalie Dal – Bellow has come out pleading the public and media to back off her daughter after it was revealed that Gibson’s cancer cure claims were proven to be false in March. The truth came out that Gibson never had cancer, despite the claims on her blog.

I do sympathise with Dai – Bellow. It must be hard to have your own daughter continually disgraced in the eye of the whole nation.  However, she’s been reported as saying that they were just “white lies”. No, they were not “white lies”. She flat – out lied. What’s worse is that she used probably one of the most vulnerable group of people as her bait – cancer sufferers. I’m sorry, there is NO excuse for it. This wasn’t just a “little white lie”. These were fraudulent claims that many people obviously took to heart.

Cancer is not something to be sniffed at. People who make false claims, or otherwise, frankly, exploit cancer sufferers and their families should be rebuked strongly. Now, I’ve got to say, that the allegations that she’s suffering Munchausen syndrome. If she is suffering it, then, I hope she gets help. I hope she gets help so that she doesn’t do this again; to cancer sufferers or another vulnerable group.

So, maybe we should all back off (this will be the only post I’ll write about it). Let’s hope this never happens again.