As with the majority of the Australian media, the Sunday Morning Herald, a largely Labor/ Green paper is talking about the issue that just will not die… same – sex marriage. There’s two pages dedicated to it, one being the letters. One particular letter I find interesting:

We are a gay male couple of 24 years who are both against gay marriage and particularly gay adoption. We and other friends who think the same never get mentioned in this one – sided hysterical argument. At least if there’s a referendum, we’ll get a vote like all the rail – roaders out there and our vote will count the same as theirs.

Davey, The Sun – Herald, Sunday, August 16 2015, p.32

It’s an interesting view in traditionally a left – of – centre paper of a gay couple expressing views against same – sex marriage.  The reason why I say it’s interesting is because when there ar people who speak out against same – sex marriage, especially on the media, they fit a narrow archetype: straight, white, politically conservative and conservative Christian; someone who is easy to call a ‘homophobe’.

To actually hear opposition from a member of the LGBT, someone who is in a same – sex relationship oppose same – sex marriage, muddies the water for proponents. They claim that they’re fighting against discrimination for a historically and socially marginalised group, gays, when not all of them feel that way.

Here’s the thing. No one can speak for the gay community. Individual gays, lesbians and others who are attracted to members of their own sex/ gender, can only speak for themselves. So, Mia Freedman, Susie O’Brien, Jonathan Green, even Senator Penny Wong, can NOT advocate for the whole LGBT+ community on this topic. They can only advocate for the cause that they believe in. I think we need to let people like ‘Davey’ and other LGBT+ individuals speak for themselves.