Curiosity killed the cat and I just watched the first weigh in TBL. I realised that it’s a big guilt trip. The contestants are meant to feel, not just unhealthy, but also a horrible mother/ father/uncle, whatever. Now, if you are overweight, or obese, you might feel like you are watching your life slide away from you, you may not play with your kids, etc. But I can!t help but think that the shame alone, let alone the weight loss methods that have come under fire over the years in both Australia and overseas.

When I can, I watch Dr. Phil. He’s done weight loss programs, including books ‘Weight Loss Solutions’ and more recently, ‘The 20/ 20 Diet’ . A theme that is common in these episodes is separation of body image, weight and personal value, or, according to his ideal, body image does not effect one’s self – image In the TBL, the two are two continuously intertwined.

TBL, like all other so – called ‘reality’ TV is first and foremost, entertainment (at least theoretically). But where is the ethics? Where is the real concern for the contestant? Seems like as a race,we haven’t gotten past the ‘Festival of Fools’ (for those who grew up watching Disney’s ‘Hunchback of Notre Dame’). Will I’ve watching anymore? I don’t plan to.

What do you think about TBL? Are you going to watch the series this year?