This is one of my very, very few political posts.

Journalism in this country, is by and large, becoming a total utter joke. Not a very funny one either.

On his blog this morning, Andrew Bolt rightly condemned New Matilda’s Chris Graham for comparing Tony Abbott to American serial killer and rapist, Ted Bundy . Graham reportedly went on to say that, of course, Tony Abbott hadn’t killed anyone, but he negatively affected more people than what Bundy did.

Give me a break! Is this what the Australian media has come to?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not a Tony Abbott or a Coalition fan; I’m more on the progressive side. To say I wasn’t a big fan of Abbott’s Budget in 2013 is an understatement. But when he was Prime Minister, Abbott was continuously ridiculed by Australian so – called “journalists”. Many of the allegations, like the “$100,000 degrees” scare in 2013, was, according to some, a total beat – up; one which some journalists (and politicians) are still pushing. (Am I mistaken on this? Can anyone tell me whether they are a Uni student paying up to $100,000 for their degrees? Seriously, I’d like to know).

Now, I believe that there is a difference between journalism and writing an opinion. If it’s a news piece, then why not make it as accurate as possible? If it’s an opinion piece, then, within the confines of the law (defamation, anti – discrimination, etc), then OPINION writers and bloggers should go nuts! But DON’T CALL IT JOURNALISM IF IT’S JUST AN OPINION! AND DON’T PEDDLE OLD STORIES THAT HAVE BEEN PROVEN TO BE, OR ARE MOST LIKELY, FALSE!

The tragic drowning of Aylan Kurdi, a Syrian toddler who drowned off the coast of Turkey is another story that has become an example of using tragedy to make a biased political point. Just this week, ABC’s Media Watch host Paul Barry was criticised by Bolt for producing a untrue account about the circumstances surrounding Aylan Kurdi, a 3 – year – old Syrian boy who drowned off the Turkish coast as his family was trying to go by leaky boat to Europe. Now SOMEBODY is flat out LYING about this! And how dare journalists use this story to score political points, especially whoever is pushing a false story! I’m absolutely sick of it! A THREE – YEAR – OLD TODDLER HAS DIED, AND THIS HAS JUST TURNED INTO A POLITICAL FOOTBALL THAT JUST KEEPS GOING! Someone tell the truth and let the family grieve the loss of the little boy.

Can we just get facts? Or REASONABLE commentary any more? Or is it all about defending own political beliefs at all costs, regardless of who is effected?