This is just a general rambling… with a little news thrown in.

Social media – love it or hate it, it’s not going away. I, for one, like it actually. I’m active on both Facebook (for about seven years… maybe more) and Twitter (nearly a year, yeah, late newcomer).

There are negatives, of course. Facebook, in particular has come under fire for misusing personal information of users, and, one of my real hates is their inaction in taking down clearly abusive content. I’ve reported things in the past, only to be told that it doesn’t breach their guidelines. On the upside, it can be a good way to keep in contact with friends and relatives and join ‘groups’ or ‘like’ pages and be able to communicate with people with similar passions, experiences, etc.

Twitter is good. I like ‘following’ different people and organisations/ businesses that I’m interested in. I love live Tweeting. The #Countdown stream was fun to get involved in a few weeks ago during the replay of the 40th anniversary of Countdown on ABC2 (I think). It was fun talking to other Countdown fans and the host of the show Julia Zemiro (not Molly Meldrum). Believe it or not, I first joined Twitter to follow ‘The Bolt Report’. Hey, it saves me from talking to myself while watching the show!

Another good thing is with both Favebook and Twitter, more people can read my blog posts, hence more traffic. That’s been good…. so far.

Dark side? Of course, the cyber – bullying. There have been high profile cases of cyber – bullying via social media turning particularly nasty, even to the point of threats of violence. I’m so adamant that this NEEDS to be stamped out. Ok, no politics today. It’s Saturday. *deep breath*.

Social media has changed society as a whole. It’s made it easier to communicate to others (Zion a shallow way, I guess). People are able to express themselves to a wide, often global audience. However, things have gotten a whole lot murkier, and in some respects, have made people, especially young people, more vulnerable without proper guidelines. Things like safety, etiquette, anti – bullying have suddenly become more complicated and conversations need to be suddenly more broad, with things like law having to catch up.

Do you use social media? If so, what are you on?