OK, this may be a bit of an old story by now. This is the last time I’ll be writing about it (hopefully), but the detainment of American anti – abortion activist Troy Newman According to 2GB’s Ray Hadley Newman wasn’t detained:

  • Because of his anti – abortion views
  • because of his faith (fundamentalist Christian)
  • Because of feminists
  • because the government (or Labor) are against free speech

He was detained in Melbourne because his Visa had been revoked while he was still in the U.S. Still, he came to Australia unlawfully and was, subsequently detained.

Justice Geoffrey Nettle QC said that Newman knew his visa had been revoked and he could’ve stayed in the U.S. to fight his case. Instead, Newman chose to defy warnings given to him and subsequently breached the Migration Act 1958.

So, he broke the law. He COULD HAVE argued his case while he was still in the U.S. He could’ve challenged the idea that his ideas were not going to pose a risk to abortion doctors and patients. He could’ve argued in the U.S. that his protests and his seminars were going to be peaceful and not cause any physical harm. Instead, he chose to defy all warnings and breach Australian law. There is no one to blame for his deportation but himself. Not feminists, not Labor, not “the left”, only him.