The original cast of the cult classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, has celebrated 40 years since its launch with a cast photo. Written, created and starred by British playwright, Richard O’Brien, the Rocky Horror Picture Show had it’s début as a small production in London, UK.

With an obsession with science – fiction and Bramm – Stokes and B – grade horror, O’Brien would go on to make a show that, was not only a cult hit musical, but also quite prophetic. Being heavily influenced by David Bowie’s alter – ego, Ziggy Stardust, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” would raise questions and challenge the way the world prior to the 1970’s, would look at gender, gender expression and traditional views on sexuality; ironically, all themes still talked about and debated today.

According to the BBC, O’Brien himself described himself as “70% man. with a desire to express more feminine characteristics, although he was too ashamed to admit it when he was younger.  One of the “gender – bender’ characters, if you like is the famous “Sweet Transvestite” Dr. Frank ‘n’ Furter; a character recently played by Australian actor Crag McLaughlin.

Let’s not forget the hit that made “Rocky Horror” an absolute smash, “Time warp”. It’s rock’n’roll style and the dance has got people dancing in discos and the like for years. The dance is fun to do and the song has a catchy, memorable hook.