there is going to be a closed discussion among faith leaders and politicians (I assume), about religious exemptions  when same – sex marriage becomes legal in Australia. Now, I get exemptions for churches, synagogues, etc. but in terms of businesses, if there’s an arguement for religious freedom on businesses, then it can extend beyond same – sex marriage can’t it. For example:

  • Can a conservative Catholic baker refuse service to a couple where it’s known that one person has been divorced and remarried?
  • Can a Pentecostal celebrant refuse to marry an mixed – faith couple? (in some Pentecostal churches, a Christian marrying a non – Christian is frowned  upon based on 2 Corinthians 6:14?
  • Can a Muslim cater refuse to serve non – halal meat?
  • Can a Jewish cater refuse to serve pork?
  • Can a conservative Christian celebrant (not pastor or priest), refuse to marry a couple who have had children out of wedlock?

These are examples I can think of. My point is, how far can religious freedom in the context of weddings and marriage extend?

What are your thoughts?