There has been talk about School Captain, Sarah Haynes, who heavily criticised her school, Ravenswood School for Girls in Sydney, for  putting profit and image ahead of students’ best interests. Here’s a part of her speech:



People, including the staff at women’s blog Mamamia applauded Haynes for  criticising her  end of year  speech.  That’s what I thought, too…. until allegations came out.

For legal reasons, we don’t know  many details, but a statement has been given to Sydney Morning Herald, saying that there is a current court case surrounding severe bullying of a disabled student, which lead to the expulsion of many of the students. There has been speculation (not confirmation), that Hayne’s younger sister was involved. Now, there is a few explanations of this:

  1. She could’ve been the victim and the school hadn’t acted properly soon enough.
  2. The sister was a perpetrator who was one of the students expelled
  3. The parents may argue that the student was falsely accused (hence, the court case)

Now, any of these above scenarios could be true, or it could be something else. I’m going to refrain from judgement. But I’m not going to exalt her either. I’ll wait until the whole story comes to light.