It’s nearly 2016. This year has been full – on, with triumphs and tragedy; from the Melbourne Cup win by Michelle Payne, from the shocking French Paris attacks and violence in the Middle East.

The debate on same – sex marriage  just won’t die. The Australian Government’s stance on a plebiscite hasn’t changed, despite fierce opposition from both the Opposition and members of the public.


Personally, it’s been a mixed bag. My time at Rotary Youth Leadership Awards remains a highlight. The week put me into a better headspace and I’ve made great friends. Getting in contact with old friends has also been great. One of my hopes is that we reamain in contact throughout next year.

Untortunately, this year has saw loss as well, with a granparent, and a great – aunt pass on.

On a lighter note, I rekindled my creative side at an adult colouring in night. It was something I loved as a child now I know why!


My hopes for next year include finishing the course I’m doing. I hope to maintain the friendships I’ve made and rekindled. I hope to be the best friend, daughter and sister that I can be.

Globally, I hope that refugees that are fleeing and resettled are embraced and can start a new life. It will take a while, but I hope it’ll happen.

I hope the past discussions on racism and discrimination continue and attitudes change.


So, bring on 2016! And may everyone have a safe New Year’s Eve and a prosperous 2016.