I had a good new year. I hope all of you have too. It was a quiet one with a friend. Nice, relaxing, without too many expectations.

In the past, I’ve put my hopes in the ‘New year, new me’ mantra, which, quite frankly, only ended in disappointment more than once.  I wondered what people qho went to the major cities, especially Sydney and Melbourne, felt. You’d be euphoric there, for sure. Optimistic for the future maybe. But what about after? When you’ve packed up, left the campsite, motel or whatnot and your back home. Probably the exact home you leftvonly a few days before. Is the excitement still there? The optimism? The drive to achieve what you planned before 12 midnight on Thursday or Friday? (depending on where you are).

i haven’t felt a huge letdown this year (well, not yet, I guess), yet, as time went on, and especially on the night and especially the day after, the expectations have gone down. I’m starting to realise it is just another day.

Don’t get me wrobg, i appreciate how New Year’s Eve turned out. I appreciate my friend who let me stay with her for a few days. Now, I’m back home and, not much has really changed. And I’m kind of OK with that.


Do you usually have any expectations about New Year? How do they often turn out?