Yesterday, on Australia Day, former Chief of Army Lieutenant. David Morrison AO was awarded Australian of the Year for his work and commitment to combat sexism and discrimination in the Australian Defence Forces (ADF). Even though he’s retired, he still campaigns for equality and and end to discrimination against people based on their gender, gender identity, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Morrison’s stance against sexism came to light after sex scandals rocked the Australian Defence Force in 2013. He made a video which went viral, condemning misconduct by some Defence Force members. This video ended up going viral, even though it wasn’t his original intention.

Here is the video:


It’s brilliant that someone like Morrison has become Australian of the Year and he’s willing to keep the ball rolling on tackling sexism, discrimination and domestic violence. Well, we can hope.

I find it unfortunate that last year’s recipient Rosie Batty became talked about because of her political allegiance, lack of gratitude toward Tony Abbott for the new domestic violence package, and stirred up a public spat between Daily Telegraph columnist, Miranda Devine and Mamamia’s Editor – in – Chief, Jamila Rizvi on who was most likely to be victims of domestic violence. Of course, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was also condemned for accusing “all men”… yadda, yadda, yadda. I hope with Morrison, the conversation will hopefully attack issues like domestic violence, instead of a liberal vs. conservative, men vs. women and upper class vs lower class debate. Let’s discuss the issues at hand and (continue to), give Morrison credit for raising such important issues.