AC/DC front-man, Brian Johnston has been warned by doctors to stop touring or risk losing his hearing completely. . This has been the latest of a string of blows to the iconic band that Australia has called their own (the Young brothers were born in Scotland and Johnston is from England).

Legal troubles rocked the band when their (now former) drummer Phil Rudd has had a number of run-ins with the law both in Australia and New Zealand, first for marijuana and meth amphetamine possession and threatening to kill an employee in November 2015. According to the site, Newsweek, a condition of his sentence is a prohibition from taking any drugs that are not prescribed. Any breach would see Rudd, 61, sent to jail.

As if that wasn’t bad enough for the band, other health troubles have rocked the band with (now also former) guitarist, Malcolm Young, (who’d been in the band since the 1970’s), was diagnosed with dementia, which was caused by a stroke.

The band did their “Rock or Bust” tour last year, with a different line – up, despite the struggles that they had with the leaving of Rudd and Young. But now, with Johnston being warned against further touring due to his hearing, what now?

AC/DC was one of the (from what I have seen), very few rock bands who successfully carried on after the untimely death of their original front man, Bon Scott in 1980. In fact, AC/DC recorded arguably one of their best selling records, “Back in Black” the same year. They continued with other albums such as “Razor’s Edge” in 1990 and commercially successful, “Black Ice” in 2008.



What’s your favourite Brian Johnston AC/DC album? Personally, mine’s “Razor’s Edge”. I grew up listening to “Back in Black” as well as the albums with Bon Scott (my favourite of those is TNT), but I like “Razor’s Edge” best. Probably because of “Thunderstruck” , the title track, and “Are You Ready”.