According to ‘Sunday Herald Sun’, the Grand Prix organisers are planning to incorporate live music, including acts such as, hiphop artist, Kanye West, original thrash pioneers and heavy metal heavy weight, Matallica and Canadian rockers Nickelback as possible performers at the event (‘It’s About To Get Louder – Bold Plan to Lure Music Stars’, Paul Gover, Sunday Herald Sun, 20 March 2016).

Interesting. When it comes to muaic, I can’t help but have an opinion. Here are my picks.

Rob Zombie – Dragula: great car racing song, don’t you think?


Bad Reputation – Joan Jett and The Blackhearts: Memo to Joan – COME BACK TO AUSTRALIA ALREADY!!

What the hell, include ‘Cherry Bomb’ too.

Glycerine Queen – Suzi Quatro – I think she would have left some Melbournians in a blubbering mess last year when she announced (possibly) her last Aussie tour. I was in one for a while. Give it another shot, Suz? Xx 🙂

Hey, what if Suzi and Joan did a duet? Heck, that’ll get me to the GP!


What entertainment would you like to see there, or anywhere, for that matter?