Last night on “The Project”, co – host, Carrie Bickmore revealed that one of the reasons why she isn’t on Facebook. The reason is she finds birthday well – wishes irritating. She said:

It just annoys me when you get heaps of birthday messages. And you know no one has remembered, they just saw it pop up on Facebook and I don’t think it means the same.

While I do get her irritation, I personally found Facebook birthday well – wishes quite sweet. I was quite touched last month when I saw how many birthday well – wishes I got. In a way, it was a nice reminder that so many people cared for me. And most of them were from people I know in real life, by the way (I also friended a few people from Pages/ groups and so on. Getting well – wishes from both camps was really nice.

The ones that touched me the most were the ones I know in real life, but haven’t seen in ages. I knew they meant what they posted. And it just showed to me that they still care. Maybe it’s just me. I know people criticise Facebook for being too shallow and the “friends” is superficial. I do think it has some benefits, though. It’s a great way to keep in contact with people you may otherwise not hear from in ages, especially if someone has moved away.I think it’s also a good way to prepare real – life catch -ups; especially if you want to catch up with a group of people. One message can be sent to more than one person, which I think is good.


Like with anything else, Facebook, or other social media platforms, is what you make it. It can be used to unite or divide. It can be used for good or bad. It’s the USERS that make Facebook what it is. Most people I know use it for good. So it’s OK, in my view.


Talking about using the Internet as a reminder, I used this post to prompt this post. Even though I did see it on The Project last nigh, I had to be reminded. We all do it don’t we?


What do you think about Facebook? Do you have an account? Did you? What’s your view of it?