The 2016 Federal Budget has disappointed liberals annd conservatives alike. One one hand, women lament about no real claim of funding on childcare or Paid Parental Leave. On the other hsnd, conservatives blast the Turnbull/ Morrison Government for not being tou and immediate enough (e.g. the ‘gonna Budget’ as Andrew Bolt called it) to plan to reduce spending in the immediate future. Huffington Post Austrakia noted that, unlike Budgets in the past, there is no ‘gravy train’ for families.

So, what would’ve happened if…

  • Paid Parental Leave was back where Tony Abbott planned it
  • ¬†There were no tax cuts to businesses
  • The Government would make it harder to get the dole by demanding that recipients would apply for a certain number of jobs per month to get any money
  • Government took away the cap for Universuty fees so they could set their own

Tony Abbott tried to get these, among other things through, and his popularity went down the toilet. So much so, that to save their own skin, the Liberals ousted him. So, do you think that Turnbull/ Morrison was going to risk the same, knowing that an election is less than a month away? Of course not.

I think that the Government was in a no – win, damned – if – they – do – damned -if – they – don’t situation. They did what they thought wouldn’t get them slammed, only to have the Super Annuation tax blow up in their face.

I’m not a fan of the Government. Like most Australians, I’m not in favour of either Liberal or Labor. All I’m saying is that the Budget was to make te public happy…. but got everyone peeved.