TW: suicide

According to Mamamia, Duncan Storrar, the disabled man who asked Kelly O’Dwyer about the lowering of the top tax brackets, is on suicide watch.

Is everyone happy now?

In my opinion, all the media, including the ABC are at fault. The ABC shouldn’t have blown up the story so much to cause such a stir. Storrar should not have been branded “new national hero”. I honestly think that just aggravated the situation.

Then, the Newscorp papers. I was trying to find a way to cancel my digital subscription today after I read the post on Mamamia. Some of the reporting and the nitpicking of his life has been appalling. I mean, come on!


I am not condoning what he allegedly did. I’m not blaming Storrar’s estranged son, Aztec Major, for saying what he did about his past drug issues and his estrangement from his father. What I am condemning is the way the media, particularly the ABC and Murdoch press have made it into the media circus it has, and, if the report’s right, has pushed Storrar to breaking point. All of you get off your moral high horses and back off!!!