TW: child abuse, infanticide/ homicice

Two women have been found guilty of aggravated assault in an Adelaide court after a mother and grandmother reportedly bashed a 15 – year – old girl and had her hair cut to “teach her a lesson” against stealing.

This is the latest case… for now, about domestic abuse committed by women – particularly against children. I often get horrified at the number of assaults and murders committed by women against children. It’s sickening. To give you a picture of what I’m talking about, here are some stories from Mamamia alone about women who have killed or injured children.

Mother convicted of domestic violence assault after smacking her daughter (hint: read the article in it’s entirety before starting the “smacking isn’t abuse” argument).

A mother has been sentenced for one of the worst child abuse cases ever seen in Australia

A mother who killed two of her children and kept them in a freezer “doesn’t regret a thing” (as the title suggests, this one is particularly ghastly. If you are a child abuse survivor, or have even been in the police force. army or other professions where dealing with traumatic events is an ongoing occurrence and suffer with disorders like PTSD or you want to avoid further exposure to such cases, don’t open the link).


These are the ones I selected just then via Google, but I know for a fact there’s a lot more that Mamamia has reported on in the past.

According to a survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), in 2005 (“Personal Safety Survey), 25.9% of physical abuse against a child was committed by mothers or stepmothers.

Why aren’t we talking more about it? Why doesn’t the media – panel shows like ABC’s “The Drum”, “Q and A”, “The Bolt Report’ and news shows such as “7.30”, “Lateline” and “SBS World News”, expose this?

Further more, why aren’t domestic violence campaigns also exposing this? It’s abhorrent. True, media sites such as “Mamamia” are obviously exposing incidents of child abuse committed by mothers/ stepmothers, as I demonstrated above, but victims of domestic violence committed by mothers deserve more than this. They deserve justice just as much as domestic violence that has been perpetrated by men toward women and/ or children.


Women are often referred to as “nurturers”. Most of them are. There are many women who do a great job of looking after children as a parent/ caregiver, teacher, doctor, etc, etc, as there are men. But women who abuse children, including their own need to be called out, dealt with appropriately under the law and the victims need to be treated just the same as they would be if the perpetrator was a man and/ or a non – relative. Enough’s enough.