I just found out that I’ve been blogging on WordPress for 3 years. What a journey it has been! This is my 60 – something pkst on this blog, (I think). I have written over 200 posts for ‘Asexuality in A Sexual World’, plus, I have two Facebok Pages dedicated to blogs (here and here – I have been advertising the first Page endlessly, including on other Pages which I don’t manage. I’m surprised no one has accused me of being a spammer or something that would get me banned from commenting).

The journey has been a rollercoaster, especially with my first one. Nothing bad has happened, it’s just that blogging can make you feel quite vulnerable. You ootentially leave yourself open to ridicule, harsh comments, and, if you’re like me and have most of your blog posts appear on your own personal Facebook profile,  there is a potential for conflict. Well, that’s hkw I sometimes feel, anyway.

To those who have joined with me on this johrney; following, commenting, etc, thank you.


Bloggers, how long have you neen blogging? How has your blogging journey been?