The Labor Government has promised to put an extra 3 billion dollars in childcare subsidies if they win the next election. The Coalition has promised more funding, butvtheir scheme is less generous and less immediate.

This has stirred up debates and fears, that we as a nation can’t afford the extra funding, that the rebates promised by Labor will only hike up fees, and – an oldie but a goody – parents (usually mothers), should raise their children at home. Yet, many young parents would argue that’s not possible with the current living costs, especially in the cities.


Regardless of what you think, childcare, or rather early childhood education care. And the costs are high, with the a erage public early childhhood services costing up to $120 a day in Victoria.

The main reason for the spike in prices is the added regulations that came into force in 2012. One of these regulations requires services in New Siuth Wales have at least 50% of staff be at least Diploma qualified or are working towards a Diploma. Trust me, the Diploma studies are extensive, with so much to it. I’ve been studying one for over two years. There are over 30 modules in the Diploma course. I think that reflects how much the role of n early childhood educator now entails. Could the regulations be scaled back? Probably. But don’t hold your breath. The regulations won’t be scaled back. Not now, any way.

So, at least for now, childcare/ earky childhhod exucation and care, is not going anywhere soon. It looks like thebprices probably won’t go down too soon either. So… there’s not a lot to be done. Let’s just hope fees don’t spike too much for families.