Is there any more divisive words in the English language other than Andrew Bolt?

People either love him or loathe him, think he’s a voice of reason or a scaremonger.

Either way, he causes debate – sometimes fiery. I read posts on his blog almost daily and I also read his “Herald Sun” editorials, watch his show, “The Bolt Report” on my Ipad from Monday to Thursday, (I don’t usually worry about Friday because it’s highlights you’ve sen throughout the week), plus listen to him and Steve Price from Monday to Thursday on 2GB (again, on my IPad). And yesterday, I got his new book in the mail, “Worth Fighting For”. I’ve only flicked through it and read the odd page hear and there (that’s a habit of mine when it comes to books), but I do look forward to reading the whole thing.

Will I agree with everything he’s written in his book? I already know for a fact I won’t. To be quite honest, some of the pages in the book will probably make me so riled up that I’ll want to throw it out (I passionately disagree with him on some things).

Since it came to print, on his blog, Bolt has said that bookshops refuse to display his book. Instead customers have to request the book from the cashier and have it carried out in brown packaging. That seems a bit extreme to me. My guess is he wouldn’t have published the controversial posts that landed him in hot water for legal reasons. .

He’s provocative, yes. Divisive, yes. But to have his book sold in secret? Really? To me, it seems just a bit much. If you are one of those people who loathe Bolt, then don’t buy his book. Is that so hard? As Dionne Warwick said, “walk on by”.  If you’re the one who works at a bookstore, you’re there to give people what they want, )providing it’s not illegal of course) and it’s usually quite common to advertise new stock, particularly threw the front window. Are people really going to be triggered if that happens to “Worth Fighting For”?

Again, I know he’s controversial. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. Yes, he’s divisive, controversial, I get all  that. But to not have the book displayed? I can’t help that that is a form of political correctness gone mad.

By the way, if you do want to order his book on – line he provides the link to order it here