Another post about tomorrow.

So, what do I personally want from the election?

  • I want simpler childcare rebate system and (possibly) an increase in pay for early childhood educators (am I dreaming?)
  • A better TAFE system – I agree with Labor’s promise to crack down on independent providers
  • A fair PPL for all new stay – at – home parents
  • No one (Liberal or Labor), has the guts to touch Medicare, so, either way, I think that’s pretty safe. The sell – off scare was a lie
  • A fair and equitable higher education system
  • Fair assessment  for those that apply for the Disability Support Pension WITHOUT making it impossible for people who need it to get it.
  • Taking a fair share of refugees. Let’s face it, because of what is happening in the Middle East, it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. We should work together with other developed countries to take in as many as we can.
  • The boats can’t come back. Let me explain why. The “open borders” policy by Labor in 2007 – 2012 ended up being a disaster, with over 1200 people dying trying to get here and, the ethical and legal issue of offshore detention, especially now that Papua New Guinea Supreme Court has deemed Nauru illegal. I have never been a fan of offshore processing. I always thought they should be processed here. However, I don’t think we can go back to having 1000+ people dying trying to get here. This is why I agree with an increase into our refugee intake; close to the number put forward by the Greens (50.000. I say 40,000).
  • Same – sex marriage is not a guarantee. Since Coalition is almost likely going to win, it’s most likely that the push for the plebiscite will be before the Parliament and Senate. Whether it get’s through is the first question. Many of the Minor Parties, plus Labor, don’t agree with a plebiscite and may block it in revolt. This is where Turnbull can go one of two ways. He can continue to push for a conscience vote, (which will make him lose the conservative base he has and cause a sh*tstorm in the Coalition), or he can leave it at least for another three years. I think it’d be political suicide if he does the first. If it  goes to a plebiscite, a win isn’t guaranteed either. The media says that over 70% of Australians agree that the Marriage Act should be modified to include same – sex couples. I’m very sceptical of that figure. Like it or not, many conservatives that are not in favour of same – sex marriage are coming out of the woodwork thick and fast. I think if it comes to a plebiscite, it’ll either win by the skin of it’s teeth (similar to the Brexit result), or lose by the skin of the skin of it’s teeth.
  • I think Safe Schools will be a State – by – State thing. Victoria’s Dan Andrews isn’t budging from his support and in NSW, Christian Democrat Party’s Hon. Fred Nile has spat it with Mike Baird because of his lack of urgency to scrap the program and has threatened withdrawing support for the Premier.

So, there are some of my feelings and predictions about the coming years ahead.