Pauline Hanson. Two words that either stirs up admiration or loathing. Even though not all the votes have been counted, it’s certain that the One Nation Party is likely to win at least one Senate seat.

She is often a personality that stirs up fierce debate and division. She has been famous (and infamous), for her stance on immigration and is currently outspoken against Islam. She is calling for a Royal Commission into Islam, although she says it isn’t a top priority while she’s in the Senate at this time.

Hanson has had to deny vehemently that she is not a racist, and that she’s lookng out for our national interests and preserving our way of life. The current results from last Saturday’s election shows that there are many people willing to stand by her.


Hanson is definitely striking a chord with many in the Australian public. It is yet another example of a global backlash against ‘political correctness’. It’s yet another blow to the to the idea that multiculturalism in general, and Islam in particular, are untouchable and can’t be challenged. She is seen as a voice for the ‘average’ working Australian who feel forgotten by the major patties. One Nation, along with Australian Liberty Alliance, Christian Democratic Party, and now Australian Christians, are the turn – to parties for conservatives who feel let down by the Coalition.

Love her or hate her, Hanson isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. At the very least, she may add a bit of personality to the Senate and may keep whoever wins out of Coalition and Labor, under control. At least, I think tyis time round, the Senate as a whole may be more represenative of all Australians, both liberals and conservatives.