Sick of hearing about politics? So am I.

Hey, I saw the return of one of my favourite shows last night, “Winners and Losers”! It’s the fifth and final season. That’s going to be a bummer.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me give you a brief overview of the show. It started off as four high school friends: lawyer Frances James (Virginia Gay), doctor student turned professional, Sophie Wong (Melanie Velejo), Rebecca (Bec) Gilbert (Zoe Tuckwell – Smith), Jenny Gross (Melissa Bergland), and later, Jenny’s half – sister, Sam Mackenzie (Katherine Hicks). In the first season, the girls (Jenny, Frances, Sophie and Bec), were navigating life after school. after school. Jenny had to work through self – doubt and low self -= esteem bought on by years of being bullied at school. She has good days and bad days, but is working through it. Initially, her experiences doing Work Placement as a Prac student at her old high school bought back bad memories, but she learned to stand up for herself and learnt how to help troubled students, including a kid that Sam was looking after.

A number of dramas take place: Bec loses her husband, Matt O”Connor (Blair McDonough), in a freak accident,then discovering that he had an affair before he died, Jenny’s mother, Trish, (played by Denise Scott), is diagnosed with breast cancer, and Jenny, her sister Bridget (Sarah Grace), and brother Patrick (Jack Pearson) discovering that Sam was their half – sister from their father Brian’s (Francis Greenslade) affair years before. Through all these events, (and many, many more I won’t post here in case I bore you), Jenny, Sophie, Frances, Bec and later, Sam, have stuck by each other (until Bec leaves after Matt’s death).


On last night’s episode, Jenny comically worries that all her “luck” is going to run and her marriage and finances are going to collapse. She suggests that her husband hire a girl who had just moved to Melbourne… and also lacked experience in software/ app design. This is her (Jenny’s) insecurities getting the better of her yet again. The only reason why she wants to see the girl hired is because she can see herself in her shoes (or thinks she can). Anyway, it didn’t turn out that way.The new girl moved in to their flat and Jenny ends up regretting her decision, until the new girl breaks up with her boyfriend and feels like her life is falling apart. Then she becomes best friends with all of them, etc, etc, etc. (Note: you’ve probably noticed, I can’t remember the new girl’s name).


So, why do I like the show? I like it’s authenticity. Yes, it has a lot of drama, like all soapies, but you can empathise with the characters more than most. I think people can relate to the minefield of navigating lives after high school and also dealing with and growing from years of schoolyard bullying. I know I can. Melbourne (where it’s set), looks sooo gorgeous. You just want to go there (for the record, I love Melbourne).

So, who else saw the premier of the season of the show last night? Do you like Winners and Losers?