Pete Evans has caused fury again by suggesting that sunscreen contains ‘dangerous chemicals’. Now, he isn’t the only one to express concerns about the effects of chemicals on the body, including in products like sunscreen. However, it’s important to realise one (obvious) thing- HE IS A CHEF, NOT A DOCTOR! He does NOT have a medical degree of any sort.

This isn’t the first time that Evans has concerned the medical profession. Last year, Evans caused controversy when he endorsed the Paleo diet – a diet that excludes dairy, sugars and grains. It’s a diet supposedly based on foods eaten by people in the Paleolithic Age. The diet has drawn some criticism from the Dieticians Association of Australia, who argue that there is no scientific evidence that the diet is effective. To further alarm health professionals, Evans made a startling claim that the Paleo diet can prevent autism. Such claims are completely unfounded, according to mainstream medical bodies.


Back to the sunscreen. Australia is (unfortunately) known for a high rate of melanoma. According to Australian Cancer Research Foundation, melanoma is the most common cancer for men between 25 – 49. It is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer nationwide. Since the 1981, the Cancer Council has promoted the ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ (‘Slip on a shirt/ Slop on sunscreen/ Slap on a hat’). It seems like Evans is undermining that campaign.

Peter Evans is not a health professional of any sort. If you are concerned