Mamamia reported that Australian women’s magazine Cosmopolitan has faced fierce criticism over listing Sonia Kruger as a possible nominee for their annual Fun, Fearless, Female Awards. This of course, has come after her comments about Muslim immigration after the Nice terrorist attacks and her criticism of Australian Business and Community Network Foundation for advertising for scholarships for students who identify has LGBT. I have written why that was a bad idea for ABCN Foundation here.

Two words that come to mind – publicity stunt. I mean, Kruger made controversial comments about Muslim immigration and the move by the ABCN to provide LGBT candidates for a potential scholarship and she gets her name mentioned in the “Fun Fearless Female” competition. Also, it’s so predictable. In such competitions, where is teh diversity? By diversity, I’m not talking about racial/ ethnic diversity. I’m talking about diversity as in interests (why are the “Social Media” potential nominees all seem to blog about fashion and beauty? Not that there is anything wrong with that. Good luck to all beauty/ fashion bloggers/ vloggers. I wish you all the success, I really do). But, there are other bloggers too. What about those who blog about a personal triumph – overcoming a chronic illness, for example? When it comes to the “Actress” category, what about choosing someone from a show that is promising, but not well – known yet? Like “800 Words” or an independent drama from the SBS or ABC? What about singers from independent labels?


The media in general is starting to become more diverse – in ethnicity, gender, etc. It was a rocky start, but it’s getting there. It wouldn’t hurt, I don’t think, for Cosmo to do the same in the annual “Fun, Fearless, Female Awards”. Diversity, like I said, not just in race, etc (which they do OK), but in talent, in interests, in shows and media outlets. Give amateurs a go. I would be great if magazines like “Cosmopolitan (Australia” could reflect the diversity of their readership more broadly.

These are my thoughts. What are yours?