The Coalition’s plan to have a plebiscite on same – sex marriage is more than likely goingv be blocked in the Senate. Labor and the Greens have been vocal opponents of it since Tony Abbott was Prime Minister and have not let up since Malcolm Turnbull took the top job. According to Sydney Morning Herald the fate of the plebiscite rests on Labor… and, if MPs Bilk Shorten and Penny Wong are to be believed, then the chances of the public vote going ahead, is buckleys.

So then, Prime Minister Turnbull has two options – insist on a vote in Parliament (which technically speaking is apparently is all that is needed), or same – sex marriage supporters would have to wait another three years (providing Labor gets into power then). I can just imagine people on both sides of the debate biting their finger nails to the root. Not demanding a plebiscite or refuse to legalise same – sex marriage at all, I think, will be the most likely outcome.


While I have vocally supported the pebiscite, come to think of it, it does amaze me how many people are caught up in it, considering that, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2013, same – sex couples make up 1% of couples in Australia, with most of those aged 15 – 24. People 65 and over only made up 3% of same – sex couples. However, the 2013 figure on people in same -sex relationships was 32% higer than what it was in 1996. That’s not to say that LGBTQ+ people, and in particular, those who are in same – sex relationships don’t matter. I’m just flabbergasted that approximately 1% of couples can cause so much heat on both sides of the debate. Andrew Bolt wrote an article, yet again on the issue in today’s ‘Herald Sun’. and it wasn’t hard for me to find out via Google about Nick Xenophon’s opposition to the plebiscite. I understand that people have certain opinions and values when it comes to relationships and, in particular marriage. Freedom of conscience, and exemptions from anti – doscrimation laws on personal and corporate moral grounds does need to be discussed. However, I’m surpised that the fate of about 1% of couples can cause so much uproar. I’ll be glad when someone bite the bullet and be done with it.