New South Wales Labor Senator, Linda Burney, has hit at former Chairman of Indigenous Advisory Council, Warren Mundine over an article condemning the lack of exposure of domestic violence in Indigenous communities in the “Australian” on Monday. Burney claimed that setbacks to deal with domestic violence had happened “under his watch”.While Burney was of course aggrieved at the rate of domestic violence in Indigenous communities, she pointed out the cut in funding aimed to help curb the epidemic.  (Is it just me, or is there a political football being thrown where both conservatives and liberals blaming each other?).

While I applaud Mundine’s courage in speaking out against this national shame, maybe Senator Burney has a point. Last year, the Coalition government peddled back from cuts into domestic violence services in Aboriginal communities. However, they didn’t back down from cutting funding to legal services, according to Daily Life. Site, “Power to Persuade had condemned Prime Minister for not making helping close the gap between Indigenous and other Australians a top economic priority.


The fact that the Coalition had to back pedal from suggestions that they’d cut funding to legal and community services in ATSI communities is not good. However, neither is countless financial waste. This needs to be a national effort. I believe that Warren Mundine is correct in urging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community leaders to start condemning the abuse. The shame toward victims to stop them and their families from speaking out needs to change. But on another level, the Federal and State Governments can’t, in my opinion, plan to cut funding to areas where it’s badly needed, including legal, support and community services to ensure that victims get the justice and support they deserve. One last thing – I said earlier that I sensed politicians blaming each other. They need to work together. Work in unity to end this national disgrace. It’s long overdue.


P.S. It should be noted that no, I’m not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander nor do I live anywhere near ATSI communities. The information above is only coming from the articles that I’ve linked above.