On Sky’s “Paul Murray Live” last week, Senator Derryn Hinch was given the platform to promote “SIDS and Kids” a.k.a “Red Nose”; a charity in Australia that helps to raise funds into research causes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), stillbirths and miscarriages.

Since it’s launch in 1977, Red Nose has worked tirelessly to conduct research and raise awareness about SIDS and stillbirths and miscarriages. They have also worked to de – stigmatise miscarriages, and infant mortality which when blamed used to be placed on the mother. While they’ve worked to relieve guilt, they have also . help to provide information on the best sleeping techniques for babies to prevent SIDS, including how to lay the infant down, the environment (smoke free, etc), cot safety (all household cots sold in Australia should meet the Australian/ New Zealand Safety Standards).

The tragedy of stillbirth has hit my extended family. In 2008, my cousin found out that she’d lost her firstborn just days before it was due to be born in March 2008. It’s cause of death was a knot in the umbilical cord, which prevented any nutrients getting to the baby. I haven’t heard of any type of research that has been done into infant deaths caused by umbilical cord complications. Allowing these sort of complications to be prevented, or at least fixed to save the baby would be brilliant, wouldn’t it? Hopefully, research can go into that one day.


The homepage of Red Nose allows people to register events, buy products and make personal donations. If you can, please give to this great cause. Get your community, school, workplace involved in a fundraiser in June. Buy a red nose or related merchandise. And may we let stillbirths, SIDS and miscarriages a thing of the past because nobody deserves to go through such a tragedy.


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