It seems to me that the education system in Victoria in particular has fallen off a cliff if this is right.

Now, I’m not a teacher. And I think it’s unfair to suggest that teachers “too lazy or stupid” to notice what’s going on. If what Andrew Bolt is saying about the education system is right, it’s gone too far. Curricula on global warming, asylum seekers and the like is what’s allegedly being planned in Australian schools. Now, I’m not against these issues being discussed, but can’t they happen without taking over things like English, maths and science, especially in the early years? If you want to talk about the impact on climate change, have a section on it in Geography or Science in Years 10 (I think they already do that in NSW), talk about the asylum seekers in Geography/ HSIE (Human Society and it’s Environments). In those, talk about pollution, talk about environmental destruction, examine what certain scientists have said about climate change and how humans have impacted on it, but for heaven’s sake DON’T DO IT AT THE EXPENSE OF ENGLISH, MATHS AND SCIENCE! INTEGRATE such topics in subjects, don’t let them take over! And make sure that students have mastered the basics before moving on.

Studying these issues could possibly give students valuable skills – how to examine scientific evidence, looking at different arguments, analysing news stories, the physics and chemistry of the environment, etc. Throughout my schooling I remember learning about issues such as the environment, destruction of rain forests and it’s impact and so on. I don’t have a problem with that in theory. BUT these issues, I believe, CANNOT come at the expense of learning and grasping at least the basics of maths and science – areas which recent reports said that Australian students are falling behind compared to the rest of the developed world. Something has to give. It really does.


Students should be given the best chance to learn to prosper after graduating. They should be given the skills and knowledge to progress into further study and/ or employment with the best chance possible. Sure, allow them to discuss social issues and think critically, but the basics MUST COME FIRST! It’s just getting more ridiculous as time goes on.